Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Before & After Painted Rocks: Suns

In the 1970's, I made this sun wall hanging using yarn and burlap. After I left home, my sister saved Mr. Sun from the trash and now proudly displays him in her home and collects sun art. To thank her for reuniting me with a blast from the past, I offered to paint a sun rock for her collection.

Reunited with my wall hanging after 40 years

I used 4 different stones so I could paint 4 different sun designs.

I started with the smallest stone and simplest design first - a stylized sun on one side and moon on the other.

Stylized sun and moon painted rock

Both my sister and I live in the Southwest so hot chili peppers were the inspiration for this sun's design.

Red Hot Mama Painted Sun Rock

A Talvera Mexican ceramic tile was the inspiration for this painted rock sun.

Talavera Inspired Painted Sun Rock

Rocks don't have to be round for a sun & moon design. My sister liked this one the best and it's now a part of her collection.